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Special effects

Lighting design: from 2D to 3D scenes

The Light Designer:

An Innovative Lighting Designer

The lighting designer’s art combines technical skills, scenic automation and artistic creativity.
With unique know-how in custom automation already applied in various fields, from the design of high-intensity scenarios to the most technical industrial solutions, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions to bring your projects to life, lighting them up with a thousand lights.

Customized Lighting Designs for All Scenes

Whether it’s architectural lighting, a DJ stage, a show set, or interior space planning, we design lighting solutions to suit every situation. As lighting designers, we create the atmosphere of your choice within your constraints. Our lighting designs can be simple, innovative or extraordinary. We have a solution to light up your every wish.

An immersive experience

For total immersion, stage lighting isn’t enough. That’s why we also work on all its peripheral elements. For a complete immersive experience, we develop scenarios that combine light, music and smoke effects. With us, your 2D lighting experience is transformed into a 3D sensory adventure that brings your imagination to life.

Lighting Design and innovation: our products

FATEC is both a lighting designer and a manufacturer of products for lighting engineers, electricians, installers and other lighting designers. Leading the way in lighting design, our innovative “DMX 2 Vegas” products are a must-have choice for lighting professionals. Thanks to our intuitive lighting control system, we unleash the creativity of lighting designers.

Universally useful tools

We’ve also developed a veritable DMX toolbox with our “DMX Toolbox” product range.
« DMX Toolbox ». Our boards transform DMX signals to make life easier for electricians, installers, lighting engineers and industrial applications (cylinders, solenoid valves, etc.). If you’re looking for a device that doesn’t yet exist on the market, we can design customized solutions for you (motor control, automatic sequencers, passage detection, etc.).

Lighting design applied to all fields

From lighting design

to custom automation

Our expertise in light design goes beyond traditional stages! Light design is often associated with the festive atmosphere of clubs, entertainment and discos. However, the management of lighting, sound, visual and audio effects is made possible, in particular, by process automation. We also apply this automation know-how to other fields, to offer tailor-made solutions for a variety of projects. From high-intensity scenarios to industrial solutions, discover how we meet your needs with our expertise in custom automation.


At FATEC, we’ve exported our expertise in scene design and our mastery of DMX signal triggers to serve the French armed forces and homeland security forces. We offer targeting, detection, sound and visual effects solutions for training the national police, national gendarmerie, RAID, GIGN, special forces and counter-terrorism.

Everything is programmable and controllable thanks to our Z-shot E-lite solution, multiplying the possibilities. Our expertise also enables us to develop high-intensity training scenarios for the French Army, with realistic, scalable and interactive combat simulations at the Centre d’entraînement aux actions en zone urbaine (CENZUB).


With over 40 years’ experience, we are able to develop industrial solutions to meet your needs. Our mastery of different protocols, applied to the performing arts, gives us the versatility needed to design all your projects. Our years of experience have led us to refine our operating methods to adapt to industrial processes and meet your needs and constraints.


At FATEC, we solve very specific problems. By developing our own electronic circuit boards, we are able to adapt them by reprogramming them to meet your objectives. Every request, whether for small-scale production or a large-scale industrialization project, can be studied. We innovate for your satisfaction, whether your projects are simple or complex, usual or unusual, small or large-scale.

Trust FATEC for your project, and let the professionals guide you.

Our History

FATEC is first and foremost a family business. Managed from father to son for 40 years, FATEC has evolved with the times to expand its range of services and product lines. With internationally recognized know-how and a vision that has been modernized from generation to generation, we are constantly innovating and developing new “Made In France” technologies to combine performance, quality and reliability.