FATEC: a family saga at the cutting edge of lighting design

FATEC, or Fayolle Technology, is rooted in a rich family history. Our family-owned company,
a leader in lighting design, is recognized for its expertise and innovation.

A generational knowledge

Over 40 years

of passion and innovation

Founded in 1981 by M. Fayolle Sr., FATEC made its mark with a determination to develop innovative, automated technological solutions. Our first iconic product, VERSAL, revolutionized the paint industry. Designed for industrial cabins, the VERSAL combines two ingenious features. Automatic analysis of the shape of parts to be painted and transmission of information to the paint-spraying robot. Thanks to this automation, FATEC considerably reduces production costs, raw material losses and VOC emissions.

FATEC at the heart of innovation

FATEC: passing on knowledge

from father to son

After 6 years with the company, Mr. D. Fayolle took over the management of FATEC in 1995, continuing the family legacy.

From stage to backstage, FATEC lights up the world of entertainment

With 4 years’ experience as a DJ Jockey in one of Europe’s largest nightclubs, Mr. D. Fayolle brought his expertise in sound and light management to FATEC. Aware of the challenges of the entertainment world, he has developed technical solutions to facilitate stage management. In particular, he began designing products to automate and simplify animation and ambience management processes. This transition marks the beginning of  light design  within the company.

FATEC's know-how at the service of the army and the police

FATEC’s expertise in the automation of lighting effects, sound, smoke management and motion detection has found applications in other fields. In fact, our rigorous approach, acquired during the VERSAL period and in industrial processes, adds to our scriptwriting skills.  It is this particularity that enables us to place our technology at the service of the French armed forces and internal security forces.  Today,  our technology is used by numerous target groups in the French National Police, RAID, GIGN and Gendarmerie Nationale.

Thanks to our mastery of the sound and lighting environment, and the creation of special effects, we were able to recreate lifelike combat scenarios for the French Army. These high-intensity scenarios are deployed at the Centre d’entraînement aux Actions en Zone Urbaine (CENZUB), the French Army’s main urban combat training center.