Light design by FATEC : from stage to backstage

Benefiting from initial experience as a DJ, Mr. Fayolle was able to incorporate his love of the stage and in-depth knowledge of its constraints into the world of engineering. He has thus placed technological innovation at the service of light design.

Light design is already all around you

Light design :

our fields of application

Architectural light design encompasses a wide range of fields of application, from mood management on a traditional show stage to the illumination of iconic buildings such as the Eiffel Tower.

Enhancing architectural decor

Architectural lighting, or architectural light design, aims to enhance architectural décor, whether interior or exterior. Its aim is to arouse emotion in visitors by creating a lighting atmosphere specific to each installation. This is achieved through the management of light, its colors, intensity and effects. FATEC has created installations for prestigious establishments such as Les Caves du Roy, La Tête dans les Nuages, the Garden Ice Café and La Mamounia casino in Marrakech, among others.

Events, shows and scenography

Architectural light design is suitable for all stages and events, including traditional show stages. Whether it’s managing lighting, ambience or adding additional set elements. We’re proud to have created the lighting and set design for Vianney’s tour, and to have animated the human figures in the Hom show.

Light design to enhance the landscape

Through light design we enhance your landscaping. Whether for an event or a permanent installation, to illuminate a building or a tree, we adapt to all your structures to make your landscaping and urban projects shine.

Functional lighting

Architectural light design also includes the “functional” management of light in a room or outdoor space. The lighting and brightness of spaces are calculated according to their use, to provide lighting that is both pleasant and relevant to the user.

Light design: harmony between artistic sensibility and technical skills

A combination of

technical and artistic skills

Light design is the fruit of a combination of technical and artistic skills, creating an alliance between two seemingly opposite but complementary abilities.

Light design, an art in itself

Thanks to his experience as a DJ, Mr. Fayolle brought a unique artistic vision to FATEC. It’s what enables us today to add value to your projects through light. We know how to play with the shadows and lighting of your structures, modulating their luminous intensity to recreate the desired ambience. We add all the necessary effects and modify the colorimetry to suit the emotions you wish to evoke, making your space unique.

Top technical skills

Our technical skills, our knowledge of lighting technologies, our understanding of color psychology, the emotional impact of light intensity and our mastery of various protocols, such as DMX 512, are put to work for your lighting ambiances. These skills enable us to design your entire project, from creative process to functional installation, to illuminate your projects.

Thanks to our expertise, we now develop our own products

Specific products

for light design

We develop a range of specific products to optimize your lighting installations.

A complete range of installable products

Our “DMX Toolbox” product range allows you to carry out your entire lighting installation. Aimed at electricians and installers, this range lets you transform the DMX signal for all your lighting needs.

Innovative products for light design

Pioneers in the field of light design, our “DMX 2 Vegas” products have become indispensable for creating different lighting moods and enlivening your leisure centers, clubs or events. They let you program different effects in advance to serve your light scenography.

Trust FATEC for your project, and let the professionals guide you.

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for your Light Design

At FATEC, we combine our passion for light design, technical expertise and experience to provide you with innovative, tailor-made lighting solutions. Whether lighting a show, an event or an architectural space, we have the skills and products to turn your vision into reality. We strive to deliver an unforgettable lighting experience, enhancing every space with creative and technically accomplished lighting. Contact us to discuss your project.